Deputy City Clerk

Deputy City Clerk/Utility Clerk 
The Water Utility Clerk/Administrative Assistant oversees a variety of responsibilities for the Cities
Water Utility. The position also provides clerical and other administrative assistance to the City Council
the City Clerk, the Water Superintendent, and City Treasurer and is also a notary public.

Duties and Responsibilities (Water Utility Clerk)
• Generate and distribute water and sewer utility invoices.
• Oversee collection of payments water and sewer services.
• Compile financial deposits for water and sewer payment collections. as
specified by the City Clerk and City Treasurer.
• Generate and distribute utility service correspondence relative to service
interruptions due to nonpayment, or late payment, per regulation and City of Nokomis policy.
• Complete regular (monthly, quarterly, and annual) reports as necessary 
• Post expenses, revenues, and other necessary entries to the accounting and utility
computer systems
• Maintain the organization utility documents and records 
• Provide administrative assistance to the Water Superintendent and elected officials.
• Other duties as assigned by the City of Nokomis
Duties and Responsibilities (Administrative Assistant)
• Provide primary reception services at the City of Nokomis City Hall, for visitors, callers,
and those seeking assistance.
• Correspond by phone, fax, letter or other means to City of Nokomis residents, employees and
elected officials as necessary.
• Fill in for short-term absences of the City Clerk.
• Other duties as assigned by the City Clerk or the City Council

Contact Info

Karri Smith
Deputy City Clerk